Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Is It Time to Move Into a Larger Home in Colorado Springs?

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We're seeing a very unique market situation in Colorado Springs right now, and it will allow people to move up into better homes. Let me explain why this is true.

Homes that are $300,000 or less are selling in under 30 days. Most have multiple offers and they're selling above asking price. If you have a home in this range you can sell for top dollar, and you'll also be in the driver's seat during the sale. Inventory is low, so if your home is priced well and in good condition, you can stand to make a good profit.

If you want to move up in this way, you can probably move up to homes in the $400K or $500K range. This is especially true if you want a home in the $500K range because it's actually a buyer's market. You can purchase a home easily and the contract will likely be written in your favor.

You really can sell high and buy low right now. On top of this, jumbo mortgage rates (and all mortgages rates) are incredibly low right now (in the 3% and low 4% range), which will save you even more money. 

This is definitely the time to move up into a nicer, better home in Colorado Springs. Please contact me if you need any assistance buying or selling. I would love to speak with you!