Monday, October 26, 2015

How Jason helped Jeffrey with his thriving house-flipping business

“I flip houses on the side, he helps me find the houses to buy and then I go through him to purchase it, and when I’m done I list it with him to sell them. I’ve probably done like 25, 30 buys and sells with him, so I’m probably at about 50 to 60 somewhere. There’s been a few houses where he always seems to be able to get me an extra few thousand dollars when an offer will come in that’s lower than what I’m asking. He has a really good feel on if the buyer will come up a little bit more of if they’re at their max or if they’re really wanting the house. Or he’d be able to say, “Hey these people are really excited about this house, I get that from their agent and if you want to counter, they’ll probably come up some on their price.””